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Scientific edition "The Bulletin of the Tajik National University. Series of natural sciences" is a scientific publication, which publishes the basic scientific results of dissertations for the degree of Candidate of Sciences, for the degree of Doctor of Science. The magazine contains scientific articles faculty, graduate students, doctoral candidates of the Tajik National University and other higher educational institutions of foreign republic and abroad.
The main content of the publication is a scientific article. Edition releases 6 issues per year and comes with a frequency of at least 12 issues per 2 yearы. The name and contents of publication headings corresponding to fields of science and specialty groups of scientists in accordance with the nomenclature of scientific specialties, which are awarded academic degrees, approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation dated February 20, 2015, №114 (registered by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation 21 April 2015, registration №36946).
The publication shall review all incoming materials to the editor corresponding to its category, with a view to peer review. All reviewers are acknowledged experts on the subject of peer-reviewed materials and have the appropriate publication. Publishing Edition sends to the authors of submissions or copies of reviews of a reasoned refusal.
The publication is registered in the Russian Science Citation Index (RISC) RISC and provides information on published scientific articles published editions. The electronic archive is presented on the magazine's website. Contents are also represented in the Russian Science Citation Index (SEL eLIBRARY.RU) in the form of metadata. On the magazine's website all the materials are in the public domain.
The composition of the editorial board consists of 7 doctors and 3 candidates from among scientific and pedagogical workers. All members of the editorial board are recognized experts.
All published research papers have bibliographies, drawn up in accordance with the rules of publication.
All published scientific articles have keywords and annotations in Russian and English languages.
The magazine has an international Standard Serial Number (ISSN 2413-452X).


01.01.01 Real, complex and functional analysis (physical and mathematical)
01.01.02 Differential equations, dynamical systems and optimal control (physical and mathematical)
01.01.04 Geometry and topology (physical and mathematical)
01.01.05 Probability theory and mathematical statistics (physical and mathematical)
01/01/06 Mathematical logic, algebra and number theory (physical and mathematical)
01/01/07 Computational mathematics (physical and mathematical)

04/01/02 Theoretical physics (physical and mathematical)
04/01/04 Physical Electronics (Physics and Mathematics)
04/01/07 Condensed matter physics (physical and mathematical)
04/01/08 Plasma physics (physical and mathematical)
04/01/15 Physics and technology of nanostructures, atomic and molecular physics (physical and mathematical)

02.00.01 Inorganic chemistry (chemical)
02.00.02 Analytical chemistry (chemical)
02.00.03 Organic chemistry (chemical)
02.00.04 Physical chemistry (chemical)
02.00.05 Electrochemistry (chemical)
02.00.06 High-molecular compounds (physical and mathematical)
02.00.06 High molecular weight compounds (chemical)