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UDC:  622.7/669.       

Samikhov Sh.R., Solekhova G.N., Shermatov N.

Tajik National University


The paper discusses the problems of increasing the efficiency of processing gold- and copper-containing ores of the Taror deposit. A flotation enrichment scheme for the studied ores and a phase analysis of the flotation concentrate have been developed, and the leaching of honey and gold from the concentrate of the studied deposit has been studied. The main kinetic patterns of nitric acid decomposition of flotation concentrate from the Taror deposit have been studied. The optimal conditions for opening gold- and copper-containing concentrates with nitric acid were found: nitric acid concentration – 400 g/dm3; process duration – 120 minutes; S:I ratio = 1:5.

UDC: 577.323.22 + 577.112.382.2 + 621.78.063  


Eshova Gulrukhsor Bobonazarovna

Tajik National University


The processes of glycine ionization (Gly) have been studied by potentiometry and the values of pKa1 and pKa2 at 288.15 K, the ionic strength of the solution (Na(H)CIO4) have been calculated) 0.1, 0.25, 0.5, 0.75, 1.0 mol/l and concentrations 1.0÷3.0 · 10-3 mol/l with a confidence probability of P = 0.95.

UDC: 546.57:547.791/.792  


Safarmamadzoda S.M., Mudinov Kh.G., Mabatkadamzoda K.S., Kurbonmamadova S.M.

 Tajik National University


In this work, using the differential thermal method, the thermal properties of silver (I) complexes with 1,2,4-triazole (1,2,4-triazolethiol) were studied. Based on the studies carried out, intermediate and final products of thermolysis of these complexes

UDC 661.48:


Naimov N.A., Sattorov S.A., Mirsaidov U., Ruziev J.R., Aminjoni G., Safiev H.

Tajik National University

Сhemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear safety and security agency of NAST


In article presents the results of processing of a mixture of fluorosilicic and hydrofluoric acids – a by-product of fluoride salts and phosphate fertilizers production in order to obtain sodium fluoride, silica gel (amorphous silicon oxide) and liquid glass. On this basis, the optimal technological parameters of the interaction of a mixture of FSA and hydrofluoric acid with sodium hydroxide were determined depending on temperature, process duration and sodium hydroxide concentration.

UDC: 547.551.3

Safarmamadzoda S.M., Kurbonbekov J.S., Muborakkadamov D.A.

Tajik National University


Using the potentiometric titration method, the process of complexation of gold (I) with 2-ethylimidazole was studied. Adding an organic ligand solution to the [AuCl2]-/Au system leads to a smooth decrease in the electrode potential (without any jumps). The nonlinearity of the dependence of E on –log[2EI] indicates the stepwise nature of complex formation between [AuCl2]- and 2-ethylimidazole.

UDC: 338.9+51(575.3)


Makhsudov B.I., Nigorai Z., Habibulloev Kh.

Tajik National University


In this work, the effects of a small thermal neutron flux on the growth rate of Rhizobium phaseoli IS TAAS-80 TJ and Bacillus megaterium var. phosphaticum bacteria intended for use in the production of micronutrients were studied. The phenomenon of germination of grow rate of bacteria under irradiation with small fluxes of thermal neutrons has been discovered. The best result was obtained with thermal neutron fluxes of 5.4-106 Fluence, at which the grow rate of bacteria increases by 5-6 times.

UDC: 538.9

Sharipov J., Nizomov Z., Saidzoda R.

Tajik National University


The paper presents the results of a study of the thermophysical properties of Zn55Al alloy doped with scandium, yttrium, cerium, praseodymium, neodymium and europium in a wide temperature range. It was established that in all studied samples anomalous cooling associated with a first-order phase transition is observed. It is assumed that the two observed cooling processes of the alloy are associated with radiative and convective heat transfer.

UDC:  581:53


Khodzhaev A.T., Kurzina I.A., Khojazoda T.A., Solikhova M.I., Daybova E.B.

Institute of  Biology, Tomsk State Research University

Tajik National University


In the conducted experiment, cotton seeds were treated with barrier discharges in air for 4 and 6 minutes. Barrier discharges are discharges in which the current flow is limited by the distinctive dimensions of at least one dielectric layer and electrode. It is noticeably larger than the size of the gap between the electrodes, which is a high pressure (more than many hundreds

UDC: 538.9


Nizomov Z., Turakhasanov I.T., Saidzoda R.Kh.

Tajik National University

Tajik Technical University named after M.S. Osimi



The influence of the diameter of cylindrical samples from various grades of technical aluminum (A0, A5, A6), aviation AB98 and high-purity aluminum A5N on their characteristic cooling times and rates, as well as on heat transfer processes in a wide temperature range, was studied. It was revealed that cooling of the samples occurs due to convective heat transfer and radiation, which have characteristic times.

UDC:  523.6


Safarov A.Gh.

Tajik National University


The article considers the collisions of nuclei of selected comets with known meteor showers. It was revealed that as a result of the collision, the nuclei of comets showed significant activity of the nucleus. For some comets, the sublimation velocity increased and as a result, dust jets were observed.

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Khodjaev Y.P., Salikhov T.Kh. Sulaimonov A. E., Mahmalatif A.

Scientific Research Institute of Tajik National University


Based on the system of nonlinear heat conduction  equations, which takes into account the relaxation of the heat flux for the gas layer, the sample, and the substrate, a system of equations is obtained for temperature fluctuations at the fundamental harmonic (FH) of a nonlinear photoacoustic (PA) signal.

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Nazarov Ahtam Pulotovich

Tajik State Pedagogical University named after Sadriddin Aini


Graphing functions and their construction play a very important role in the mathematics course. In the past, programming languages ​​had few options for graphing functions and were mainly created using the dot method. The text size of the computer program was also large. Modern programming languages ​​provide more options for creating function graphs. However, the capabilities of some modern programming languages ​​have not yet been explored at the required level. In this work, a new technology for creating graphs of functions in one of the modern programming languages ​​PascalAbc.Net is studied.

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Khamidova Dilorom Nasrulloevna

Technological University of Tajikistan


The subject of the research is the development and evaluation of an artificial intelligence model for the early diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease. The novelty is the use of artificial intelligence methods, in particular machine learning algorithms, to develop a predictive model for diagnosing Alzheimer's disease at an early stage. Method. The proposed method includes several steps.

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Odinaev R.N., Mavlonzoda S.H.

Tajik National University


This article discusses the solution of the transport problem using fuzzy tariffs on the example of cargo transportation of the Rogun HPP. The transport task is an important logistics task, where it is required to optimize the delivery of goods from source to destination with minimal costs.

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Saidzoda I., Komiliyon  F.

Tajik National University

On the basis of a mathematical model of the impact of infectious diseases and pests on the development of bee colony individuals, a computer model of the activity of a bee colony has been developed – a tool for research, management and forecasting, which is based on a computer program created in the object-oriented programming language C ++ Builder XE7.

UDC: 681.3.057                    


Rajabov N., Rajabova L.

Tajik National University


In this paper, for the first time, an overridden system of Volterra-type integral equations with singular or super-singular kernels is considered. It is proved that, when certain conditions are met, the problem of finding a solution to an over determined Volterra type