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UDC: 547.574 + 547.863.1

Mukhtorov L.G., Karimov M.B., Shakhkeldyan I.V.,

Atroshchenko4 Yu.M.

UDC: 546


Bobokalonov T.B., Hakimov F.Kh., Safarmamadzoda S.M.,

Mamadgaminova Z.R.

REVIEWER: Suyariyon K.J.,

UDC: 543.632.53; 546.72

Eshova G.B., Rahimova M., Davlatshoeva J.A.,

Miraminzoda F.

REVIEWER: Suyariyon K.J.


UDC: 543.632.53; 546.72


Eshova G.B., Rahimova M., Davlatshoeva J.A.,

Miraminzoda F.

REVIEWER: Suyariyon K.J.

UDC: 542.91.547.466.


Kodirov M.Z., Bobizoda G.M., Zafarov S.Z.

REVIEWER: Rajabov S.,

 Doctor of Chemical Sciences,


UDC: 541.4:(4546.74.2+548.736)


Sodatdinova A.S., Akimbekova Kh.A., Usacheva T.R.,

Safarmamadodzoda S.M. 

REVIEWER: Davlatshoeva J.A.,

UDC: 661.48:


Shokarimov S.M., Naimov N.A., Ruziev J.R., Rafiev R.S.

Aslonov A.A., Safiev H.

REVIEWER: Sherov M.,

Candidate of Chemical Sciences

UDC: 621.315.592


Sultonov N., Akobirova A.T., Naimov U.R.,

Rahmatov B.A., Hamrokulov R.B.

REVIEWER: Makhsudov B.I.,

UDC: 534.16:535.341


Imom M. Sh., Romodanov V.L., Rahimi F.,

Odinaev S.F.

REVIEWER: Makhsudov B.I. doctor

UDC: 519.633.9


Juraev Kh.Sh., Juraeva G.Kh.

REVIEWER: Hamrokulov R.,

UDC: 681.7.068


Maksudov B.I., Egamovb M.Kh., Rakhimova W. J.

REVIEWER: Abdulloev Kh.M.,

UDC 581:53



Solikhova M.I., Kurzina I.A., Khojazoda T.A,

Khodzhaev A.T., Daybova E.B.

UDC: 531.42


Rajabov T.M.


A review and analysis on the topic of mass and physical interaction within the framework of causal physics is presented. Mass is considered as a special case of a quantity that is proportional to the cross-sectional area of physical objects. Replacing the mass with this quantity allows further development of the kinetic theory of gravity by Le Sage. Physical interaction is considered as a result of mutual shielding of elementary mass–forming elements - nucleons

UDC: 510+519.6


Pejman Jafari


In this article, the author focuses on poverty and its consequences. The SBM method was used to calculate the poverty threshold, which helped to determine the upper and lower limits of poverty and forecast the poverty rate for the next three years. The data set entries included income, education, healthcare, and basic needs from 2020 to 2022.

UDC: 517.518.68


Talbakov F.M.


The paper investigates some issues of approximation of almost-periodic Bohr functions from partial sums of the Fourier series and the Marcinkevich averages, when the Fourier exponents (the spectrum of the function) of the functions under consideration have a limit point at infinity. The question of the deviation of a given function f(x) from its partial sums of the Fourier series is investigated, depending on the rate of tendency to zero of the magnitude

UDC: 51-74


Murodov P.S., Prutskov A.V.


Mathematical methods are widely used to formalize the solution of problems of automatic text processing, including text classification. To classify texts, a “naive” Bayes classifier, methods of -nearest neighbors, decision trees, support vector machines, distribution of letter combinations (character -grams), logistic regression, and approaches based on artificial neural networks are used. These methods are used by modern computational linguistics.

UDC: 517.977.5, 519.85

Odinaev R.N., Afzalshohi S.


The advertising strategy is one of the most important components of optimizing the bank's business processes. It directly affects the level of profit, demand for services and strengthening the position of a financial organization in the market. This paper discusses the use of linear programming problems to optimize the advertising budget of the bank.